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  • British Army and the Revolutionary War 17751783
    Last Aired

    British Army and the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783

    Military historian Gregory Urwin talked about the challenges that the British army faced in adapting to North American terrain and battle tactics during the Revolutionary War. The Museum of…

  • Origins of the American Revolution
    Last Aired

    Origins of the American Revolution

    This is the closing session from a symposium on the first annual Emerging Revolutionary War symposium. A panel of historians summarized their thoughts from the day and discuss various aspects of the years…

  • Revolutionary War Era Clothing and Tailors
    Last Aired

    Revolutionary War Era Clothing and Tailors

    Scholar and curator Katherine Egner Gruber used images to describe the significance of tailors in 18th century Alexandria, Virginia. Examining the account book of tailor William Carlin, who was active between 1763 and…

  • Boston and the Road to Revolution 17701775
    Last Aired

    Boston and the Road to Revolution, 1770-1775

    Historian, park ranger, and author Phillip Greenwalt gave an illustrated talk on Boston’s role in the origins of the Revolutionary War. Mr. Greenwalt organized his talk around three pivotal events: the…

  • Racial Dynamics in the 1930s
    Last Aired

    Racial Dynamics in the 1930s

    Cornell College professor Catherine Stewart talked about racial dynamics during the 1930s, including the Federal Writers' Project, a New Deal-era effort to gather narratives from former…

  • emThe Woman Behind the New Dealem
    Last Aired

    The Woman Behind the New Deal

    Kirstin Downey talked about her book The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life of Frances Perkins, FDR’S Secretary of Labor and His Moral Conscience (Nan A. Talese; March 3, 2009). She…

  • Abundance Wages and the Great Depression
    Last Aired

    Abundance, Wages, and the Great Depression

    Southern Methodist University professor Alexis McCrossen teaches a class on the abundance of the 1920s and the Great Depression. She argues that low wages and an unequal distribution of wealth hindered…

  • 1937 Federal Works Agency Film emWe Work Againem
    Last Aired

    1937 Federal Works Agency Film We Work Again

    This 1937 Federal Works Agency film was a New Deal documentary the promoted programs to put unemployed black Americans to work on federal projects.

  • Hoover Institution Library and Archives
    Last Aired

    Hoover Institution Library and Archives

    Started in 1919, the Hoover Institution Library and Archives has been collecting materials pertaining to war, revolution, and peace for over 100 years. Deputy Director Eric Wakin and Curator Jean Cannon…

  • African Americans Emancipation and Defining Freedom
    Last Aired

    African Americans, Emancipation, and Defining Freedom

    Virginia Commonwealth University Professor Nicole Myers Turner taught a class on the lives of formerly enslaved African Americans following emancipation. She explained how they defined…

  • Early Cold War US Politics and Economics
    Last Aired

    Early Cold War U.S. Politics and Economics

    George Mason University Professor Sam Lebovic taught a class about U.S. politics and economics of the early Cold War period of the late-1940s and 1950s. He argued that with extreme ideologies such as…

  • Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
    Last Aired

    Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Wellesley College Professor Brenna Greer debunked some of the myths about Rosa Parks and the 1955-56 Montgomery bus boycott. She addressed that Parks was not the first African American…

  • emThe Year 1945em
    Last Aired

    The Year 1945

    This Office of War Information United Newsreel summarizes events of the year 1945 in ten minutes.

  • Stalins Correspondence with Roosevelt and Churchill
    Last Aired

    Stalin's Correspondence with Roosevelt and Churchill

    David Reynolds, co-editor of The Kremlin Letters: Stalin’s Wartime Correspondence with Churchill and Roosevelt, talked about the messages sent between these Allied leaders during World War…

  • Reel America President Lyndon Johnson on the Vietnam War 1965
    Last Aired

    President Johnson on the Vietnam War

    President Johnson spoke about the conflict in Vietnam and the U.S. policy regarding the region. Entitled “Peace Without Conquest,” the address attempted to explain why Southeast Asia was of…

  • African American Soldiers and PostWorld War I Activism
    Last Aired

    African American Soldiers and Post-World War I Activism

    Chad Williams is the author of Torchbearers of Democracy: African American Soldiers in the World War I Era. He talked about the post-war activism of these soldiers, explaining how after fighting for…

  • emVictory Roundupem
    Last Aired

    Victory Round-up

    This U.S. Office of War Information newsreel reports on events relating to VE Day - the May 8, 1945, surrender of Nazi Germany. German generals are shown signing the unconditional surrender…

  • emHow the South Won the Civil Warem
    Last Aired

    How the South Won the Civil War

    Boston College history Professor Heather Cox Richardson argued that Southern social, political, and economic ideologies prevailed in the American West following the Civil War. This was a…

  • emThe Other Madisonsem
    Last Aired

    The Other Madisons

    Retired pediatrician and geneticist Bettye Kearse investigated her family’s lineage and its oral history that claims they are descendants of James Madison and his slave, Coreen.

  • Ulysses S Grant
    Last Aired

    Ulysses S. Grant

    To mark the 198th anniversary of Ulysses S. Grant’s birthday, the Grant Monument Association hosted a discussion between retired General David Petraeus and Elizabeth Samet, editor of an annotated…

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